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16871 - RFP 2022-004 Homeless Crisis Response
Funding Opportunity Details

Social Services

Pre Application Deadline: Apr 28, 2022 3:01 PM

Final Application Deadline: May 12, 2022 3:01 PM

  • Status Closed

    Posted Date Apr 25, 2022 11:51 AM

    Award Amount RangeNot Applicable

    Project Dates 10/01/2022 - 09/30/2023

    Award Announcement Date

DescriptionFile NameTypeSizeUpload Date
1 - Offer Sheet1 - Offer Sheet RFP Crisis Response_.pdfpdf147 KB03/31/2022 11:24 AM
2 - RFP Proposal2- RFP Proposal Homeless Crisis Response Services restricted.docxdocx170 KB03/31/2022 11:24 AM
3 - Budget and Narrative Funding Summary3 - Budget and Narrative Funding Summary Final2.xlsmxlsm31 KB04/12/2022 03:31 PM
4 - COA RFP Certifications and Disclosures4- COA RFP Certifications and Disclosures.pdfpdf189 KB03/31/2022 11:25 AM
A - RFP Threshold Application ChecklistA- RFP Application Threshold Checklist.pdfpdf190 KB03/25/2022 02:23 PM
B - Standard Solicitation Provisions and InstructionsB- Standard Solicitation Provisions and Instructions.pdfpdf342 KB03/31/2022 11:25 AM
C - Scope of WorkC - Scope of Work Homeless Crisis Response.pdfpdf215 KB03/31/2022 11:26 AM
D - APH Client Eligibility RequirementsD - APH Client Eligibility Requirements.pdfpdf220 KB03/25/2022 02:24 PM
E- Standard BoilerplateE - 2022 Soc Serv COMBO AGREEMENT Boiler with B.3.pdfpdf251 KB04/08/2022 08:10 AM
F - PartnerGrants InstructionsF - Applying for APH Funded Opportunity-PartnerGrants Instructions.pdfpdf1 MB03/31/2022 11:27 AM
G - Grant-Specific DisclosuresG- Grant-Specific Disclosures.pdfpdf123 KB03/31/2022 11:26 AM
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