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32084 - RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness
Funding Opportunity Details

Social Services Administration Unit

Pre Application Deadline: Nov 28, 2023 3:01 PM

Final Application Deadline: Dec 15, 2023 3:01 PM

  • Status Closed

    Posted Date Oct 31, 2023 3:10 PM

    Award Amount RangeNot Applicable

    Project Dates 04/01/2024 - 03/31/2025

    Award Announcement Date

    Categorical Area

    Recurring Opportunity No

DescriptionFile NameTypeSizeUpload Date
1 - Offer Sheet - corrected Intent to Apply deadline to Tuesday, November 28 (previously stated Monday November 28)1 - Offer Sheet RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness Issue Area updated.pdfpdf214 KB11/27/2023 10:20 AM
2 - Proposal RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness - updated for check box functionality2 - Proposal RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness - restricted..docxdocx156 KB12/08/2023 01:15 PM
3 - Budget Narrative and Funding Summary 3 - Budget Narrative and Funding Summary RFP TEMPLATE 1.xlsmxlsm33 KB10/31/2023 02:51 PM
4- COA RFP Certifications and Disclosures 4- COA RFP Certifications and Disclosures Updated 1.pdfpdf229 KB10/31/2023 02:52 PM
A- RFP Application Threshold Checklist A- RFP Application Threshold Checklist updated 1-31-22.pdfpdf190 KB10/31/2023 02:52 PM
B- Standard Solicitation Provisions and Instructions 2023-007 Workforce Readiness - corrected Intent to Apply deadline to Tuesday, November 28 (previously stated Monday November 28)B- Standard Solicitation Provisions and Instructions 2023-007 Workforce Readiness - updated.pdfpdf400 KB11/27/2023 10:21 AM
C - RFP Scope of Work C - RFP Scope of Work 2023-007 Workforce Readiness.pdfpdf278 KB10/31/2023 02:53 PM
D - APH Client Eligibility RequirementsD - APH Client Eligibility Requirements.pdfpdf266 KB10/31/2023 02:53 PM
E- Social Services Combo Agreement Boiler w/ ExhibitsE- Social Services Combo Agreement Boiler w Exhibits.pdfpdf344 KB10/31/2023 02:53 PM
F - Applying for APH-Funded Opportunity in PartnerGrants - InstructionsF - Applying for APH-Funded Opportunity PartnerGrants Instructions with Threshold.pdfpdf835 KB10/31/2023 02:54 PM
Pre-bid Slides 2023-007 Workforce Readiness - corrected Intent to Apply deadline to Tuesday, November 28 (previously stated Monday November 28)Pre-bid Slides 2023-007 Workforce Readiness - updated.pdfpdf1 MB11/27/2023 10:22 AM
RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness Pre-Bid AttendanceRFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness Pre-Bid Attendance .pdfpdf93 KB11/09/2023 02:23 PM
RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness Questions and answers - updated 12.8RFP 2023-007 Workforce Readiness Questions and Answers.pdfpdf156 KB12/08/2023 04:51 PM
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Submitted DateQuestionAnswer
Dec 8, 2023 4:53 PMCan you specify what specific information will need to be uploaded into the community database, and shared with the Ray Marshall Center? Is this in addition to the quarterly reporting directly to APH? If so, how frequently will we be required to upload this additional info?Ray Marshall Center specifies the data requested on an annual basis. It will include all the data points collected by COA, but sometimes includes other information such as agency locations, number of employees working on the program, etc. The submission is in addition to COA quarterly reporting and is collected once per year.
Dec 8, 2023 4:53 PMIf our program serves adults and youth under 18, would we be able to use these funds to serve minors, or would these funds need to be targeted only to adults?HSE services can be provided to individuals ages 16 & 17 with proof that they are not enrolled in high school and parental permission or proof of emancipation. All other services are for people ages 18+.
Dec 8, 2023 4:54 PMWhy is family income considered for adults who are not yet self-sufficient?Family income is considered for all City Programs in line with county, state and WIOA requirements.
Dec 8, 2023 4:54 PMRegarding providing emergency services in the event of a natural disaster, how would that look? Has that happened before, like during COVID? Do you have any examples of how orgs pivoted to provide those services?This is standard language in most City contracts. A past example is APH coordinating with an agency to provide a vaccine clinic or to hand out water during a boil order or hurricane. More often, this looks like pivoting the way standard services are provided to continue to these services to the community (i.e., In person services to virtual services during the COVID pandemic).
Dec 8, 2023 4:54 PMWould we be required to report on all measures listed? If so, are we required to propose targets in our application? I don't see the supplemental output or outcomes in the RFP form, and there isRequired performance measures are listed on page 5 of the Scope of Work. There is space in the Proposal for applicants to list their performance measure goals. The supplemental outputs and outcomes listed in pages 5-6 of the Scope of Work are relevant only to job placement and career training programs. These supplemental measures do not need to be included in the Proposal, but they will be discussed with awarded agencies during contract negotiation. Applicants are not required to propose additional supplemental outputs and outcomes but have the option to suggest additional measures that that are not already referenced in the Scope of Work in the space provided in the Proposal.
Dec 8, 2023 4:54 PMIs there a definition of quasi-government agency?A quasi-governmental agency is an agency that provides specific services that are at times overseen by the government - like a school district, university or, at times, Workforce Solutions.
Dec 8, 2023 4:55 PMAre you saying that if we are proposing to do ESL and Digital Literacy do we have to submit two proposals?If the ESL and Digital Literacy programs are two distinct programs then yes, there would be two proposals. If these services exist within one program (for example, if you have one adult learning center that provides separate services but clients can overlap) you could technically propose your adult learning Center program with supplemental outputs for each service, which would be negotiated during contract development
Dec 8, 2023 4:55 PMFor WIOA eligibility, an individual adult earning less than $12,880 in annual salary would qualify regardless of whether they still live with their parents or other relatives. Is that correct?APH has its own client eligibility criteria, please see Exhibit D – Client Eligibility Requirements.
Dec 8, 2023 4:55 PMThe RFP stated a total of 4 awards, correct?APH anticipates awarding up to 4 of the applications but could potentially award over the anticipated amount depending on amounts requested applicants’ proposals.
Dec 8, 2023 4:55 PMWill the second pre-bid meeting be the same content or additional content?The second pre-bid meeting will be the same content and will only vary based on audience questions. Those questions will be posted with answers on our website. https://www.austintexas.gov/article/rfp-2023-007-workforce-readiness-issue-area
Dec 8, 2023 4:56 PMIf you submit multiple proposals, could you receive multiple awards?Correct, multiple proposals could result in multiple awards.
Dec 8, 2023 4:56 PMWill there be 4 awards in each service area? Or 4 awards total, meaning one for each area of the RFP?It is anticipated that there will be 4 awards total. There would not necessarily be one award per service area.
Dec 8, 2023 4:57 PMAre there currently funded orgs under these funds? How many organizations?Yes; 2
Dec 8, 2023 4:57 PMWe already report to Ray Marshall Center annually on our Workforce Development program. If we received funding under this APH opportunity, would we still only need to submit one annual report to the Ray Marshall Center, or does this APH funding carry any additional reporting requirements for Ray Marshall?This would be the same report to the Ray Marshall Center, a second report to them would not be required.
Dec 8, 2023 4:57 PMWe have a program that includes most of the areas of focus for this RFP. Are we able to submit an additional application for funding to provide scholarships for vocational training?If you are applying for funding for your existing program that aligns with the RFP, and scholarships would be given to the same clients in that program, a separate application wouldn’t be necessary for scholarships. You could include scholarships under direct assistance in your proposed budget for that program.
Dec 8, 2023 4:58 PMYou mentioned $75k was the minimum request allowed, is there a maximum cap?No, an agency can request the entire amount available.
Dec 8, 2023 4:58 PMIf this program already has one contract with APH (e.g., a contract through the Early Childhood RFP), can the program also be awarded a contract through this RFP?Yes, an agency can be awarded multiple contracts with APH via multiple RFPs.
Dec 8, 2023 4:58 PMAre no PDFs allowed for any documents submitted as part of our proposal?Word .doc or .docx is required for your Proposal. PDFs are allowed for supplemental documentation (i.e., annual reports, policies).
Dec 8, 2023 4:58 PMAre there any guidelines/recommendations for cost per participant? How will that impact scoring?There are no guidelines for cost per client. Cost per client only impacts scoring so far as the reasonableness of the explanation of the amount. (IE. High cost per client does not lower scoring if the reasoning for the amount is sound).
Dec 8, 2023 4:59 PMAre we able to negotiate the income threshold for eligibility for services? In the past it has been 200% FPIG, but curious if 80% of AMI is an option.80% of AMI is not an option for Social Services Contracts.
Dec 8, 2023 4:59 PMWhere can we find more information on livable wages?Page 4 in the Scope of Work contains info on livable wages for program staff, including this link from the City’s Strategic Direction: https://data.austintexas.gov/stories/s/rt9q-qkym
Dec 8, 2023 5:00 PMHow can we access information on cost per client info from the City’s past workforce readiness contracts?You can submit Public Information Requests.
Dec 8, 2023 5:00 PMWhen we list the Type of program in the Intent to Apply, is that the same as the Category referenced when you say 'one Category' per application?The type of program is the same as the service category.
Dec 8, 2023 5:00 PMWill Pre-Bid slides be available for review?The slides are available for review on the competition website and on PartnerGrants (under this funding opportunity).
Dec 8, 2023 5:01 PMData.Austintexas.org site lists two figures regarding wages to support a family in Austin: $28.08 in large font and in smaller font below, "Target $22.20". Which of these figures would be the minimum expectation for staff paid under this contract?Data.Austintexas.org (linked in the Scope of Work page 4) states that the current livable wage in Austin is $28.08. Below that, the small text indicates that Austin is “off-target,” with an average below $28.08 and the next reasonable improvement is $22.20. For reference, the City of Austin currently pays a minimum wage of $20.80 per hour. Please see question #31 in the Workforce Readiness RFP Proposal for details that the City is seeking regarding consideration of livable wages for your staff. It’s an open-ended question.
Dec 8, 2023 5:01 PMShould our funding request be for the initial 12-month period or will it be for the entire 60 months?The funding request should be for 12 months, per the Scope of Work Section III – Funding, and the Budget and Funding Summary Instructions tab.
Dec 8, 2023 5:01 PMAre there specifics indicating an allowable and unallowable cost for programming?Please see Exhibit B3, section 10 – Allowable and Unallowable Costs (around page 21 in this packet). This exhibit, plus others, and the Boilerplate, are posted in the Workforce Readiness RFP page. Also see the Program Budget and Funding Summary, first tab – Instructions, for non-exhaustive list of allowable expenses per line item.
Dec 8, 2023 5:02 PMHow can we measure learning gains for digital literacy?APH does not prescribe assessment methods for learning gains for Workforce Readiness. This is up to the agency’s discretion, to be clearly described in the Proposal. If an agency’s application is awarded, they will further define assessment methods for their performance measures while negotiating their contract.
Dec 8, 2023 5:02 PMIn determining cost effectiveness for our programs, a cost per service metric is more accurate than a cost per student metric, as many of our students will be receiving multiple services, which naturally all have their own costs. In our application, would we be able to use cost per service as a more “true” measure of our cost effectivenessIt sounds like you’re referencing Proposal question 32. This question incorporates info from your completed Budget form, Cost per Client tab, cell B7. The Cost Per Client tab just auto-populates based on info you enter in the Budget and Narrative tab (2nd tab); please see Pre-Bid slide 55 on this topic. The Budget and Proposal are standardized for all applicants, so it’s not possible to use other info than Cost per Client for the first section of question 32. However, if in the 2nd part of Q32, where it prompts a description of calculation methods, you’d be welcome to share info on how your program determines or tracks cost per client and cost per service. You could also speak to that in question 29 if it fits your Proposal plans.
Dec 8, 2023 5:02 PMDo applicants submit application materials on Austin Finance Online or in PartnerGrants?APH is only accepting proposals through the Partnergrants database, as noted on the Workforce Readiness RFP website. This site contains all info and instructions to apply for this funding opportunity. RFP announcement emails from Purchasing, with links to Austin Finance Online direct applicants back to the Workforce Readiness RFP website.
Dec 8, 2023 5:02 PMOur organization did not submit an Intent to Apply prior to the due date, can we still apply?APH does not accept applications for funding after the Intent to Apply deadline.
Dec 8, 2023 5:03 PMIf an outside organization wants to provide a letter of support for our proposal, who should the letter be addressed to?Multiple City staff are involved with evaluating applications, so you could just use “To Whom it May Concern.”
Dec 8, 2023 5:03 PMHow does APH define quasi-governmental agency?APH defines quasi-governmental agencies as those that possess a public mandate to provide a service. For example, Austin Independent School District, Austin Community College, and Workforce Solutions.
Dec 8, 2023 5:03 PMAre for-profit organizations who provide college and career readiness services qualified to apply for this grant? If not, can for profit organizations collaborate with a non-profit organization who meets the qualifications to apply?For profit entities can’t apply as the lead Offeror for this funding, but they could have an MOU with an Offeror that is a non-profit or quasi-governmental agency.
Dec 8, 2023 5:04 PMIs it in line with the goal of the funding opportunity to include time and funds to plan/develop part of the program? Or should the program we are proposing be fully planned out and described in the application?If the agency has the required 2 years of experience (see Section X of the Scope of Work, p 7) and they're trying to start a brand new program, it would be reasonable to suggest a six month ramp up period for the five year agreement in service to that. Please note that though the anticipated contract term is 60 months, funding beyond fiscal year 2024 is subject to annual budget approval (SoW p 2). In your Proposal, regarding the development stage you’d clearly describe the time period needed, tasks involved during that stage, as well as funding needed.
Dec 8, 2023 5:04 PMAre applicants to create an application for the Intent to Apply Form, and then another, separate application for the rest of the application? Or should they be combined into one application?The Intent to Apply form (which is the Pre-Application stage in PartnerGrants) is separate from and comes before your application. Once your Intent to Apply is approved, you will receive a notification email from PartnerGrants and PartnerGrants will give you access to submit the rest of the application. Your Application in PG includes RFP documents 1-4 (Offer Sheet, Proposal, Budget, and COA Certifications and Disclosures).
Dec 8, 2023 5:04 PMWhat are guidelines for supplemental attachments in the Intent to Apply?The Intent to Apply supplemental attachments are optional and up to your discretion. You will have ample opportunity to describe your program and submit any required and optional attachments via your Proposal and Budget (RFP forms 2 and 3).
Dec 8, 2023 5:04 PMDoes payment of forklift certification fees for clients qualify as an eligible expense?Yes, this would need to be listed in your Budget form under Direct Client Assistance.
Dec 8, 2023 5:05 PMDo Career Training providers need to be listed by TWC as an Eligible Training Provider?No, training providers do not need to be identified by Texas Workforce Commission as eligible. APH asks that agencies do their due diligence when working with a vendor/training organization - i.e., APH does not support for profit colleges like DeVry or ITT Tech. If your organization enters into a collaboration as a sub-grantee, your MOU may have different requirements.